Electral Energy Drinks Price List in India

Last Updated: 1st December 2023

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Electral Energy Drinks Price List in India on 1st December 2023
Electral Energy Drinks Products List Price Discount
Electral Orange Flavoured Tetra Pack of 6 Hydration Drink - 6x200 ml, Orange Flavored ₹ 198 0% off
Electral Powder 21.8 gm - Pack of 10 Energy Drink - 10x1 Sachets, Regular Flavored ₹ 220 0% off
Electral Mango Flavoured Tetra Pack of 24 Hydration Drink - 24x200 ml, Mango Flavored Energy Drink - 24x1 Sachets, Mango Flavored ₹ 594 0% off

Electral Energy Drinks price list last updated on 1st December 2023