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Last Updated: 5th December 2023

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Milk Drink Mixes Price in India 2023

Milk Drink Mixes Price List in India on 5th December 2023

The rapid changing of lifestyle tends to experience various health disorders as one among them is an insufficient level of milk components. In this boundaryless era, you have a sack of healthy and tasty milk drink mixes available to lift your strength and immunity. To be the best, HealthTraffics is the high priority option to consider as we have come up with natural and organically made products. It has loads of health benefits which help your body to fight against all kinds of diseases effectively.

  • Provides progressive energy & healthy weight gain
  • Enough protein and calcium to strengthen the muscles 
  • Suits any age-grouped people and helps them to fight against infections 
  • 100 % healthier & natural


Q. Do The feeding mother’s can use the Women’s Horlicks? 

A. The product is highly beneficial as it has been enriched with a required amount of nutrient content which enhances your bone strength and blood level. With the presence of chocolate ingredients, the taste and flavor of the horlicks is also good to have. 

Q. Is Only a chocolate flavor available in milk drink mixes?  

A. No, you have various flavors to go with. For instance: Chocolate, Chocovanilla, vanilla, strawberry, butterscotch and more. You can buy in accordance with the taste you like the most. 

Q. Do the Pro360 weight management product really help for weight loss? 

A. With the presence of powerful ingredients, the fat in your body breaks down and results in loss of weight gradually. In addition, it keeps you active and lets your body be energetic though you have lost enormous weight.

Q. Are milk drink mixes healthy to consume? 

A. Yes, the product includes potential components as ingredients which lifts your body’s protein level instantly. Also, it never allows your body to feel tiredness and drowsiness even in your tight work schedule. 

Q. Do the mixes are hygiene and high-in quality? 

A. The products listed in the milk drink category are rich in quality encompassed with potential components that your body requires. In case, if you have any doubts, do check the customer reviews to know more with authorization. 


Milk Drink Mixes Products List Price Discount
90's MILL - ST72 Barley Fiber-Rich Sattu/ Jau Sattu 405g - 405 g ₹ 199 60% off
90's MILL - ST64 Roasted Gram Flour | Pure & Tasty Refined Fibrous - Sattu 365g - 365 g ₹ 199 60% off
justvedic by Justvedic Blue Drink Powder | 1 Month Pack + Shaker | Helps in Skin Glow, Hair Growth - 2 x 30 g ₹ 769 23% off
90's MILL - ST14 Sattu, High Fibre Roasted Chickpeas 115g - 115 g ₹ 199 60% off
90's MILL - ST95 Organic Chana Sattu Powder 65g - 65 g ₹ 199 60% off
90's MILL - ST48 Barley Fiber-Rich Sattu/ Jau Sattu 285g - 285 g ₹ 199 60% off
90's MILL - ST36 Roasted Gram Flour Sattu 225g - 225 g ₹ 199 60% off
justvedic by Justvedic PCOS PCOD Drink Mix | 1 Month Pack + Shaker | Irregular Periods, Hormone Balance - 2 x 30 g ₹ 769 23% off
90's MILL - ST10 Chana Sattu 95g - 95 g ₹ 199 60% off
90's MILL - ST13 eats Organic Home Made Chana Sattu 110g - 110 g ₹ 199 60% off

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