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Last Updated: 25th May 2024

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Protein Supplements Price in India 2024

Protein Supplements Price List in India on 25th May 2024

The protein supplements of HealthTraffics are purely authentic as it helps with unlocks your muscle strength to keep your body active. This is not only an intelligent solution for gym goers but also for fitness enthusiasts who appreciate natural bodybuilding and fitness. As because of going with tendency, Health Traffics is engaged with a large extent of protein products that are currently high-in-demand.

  • 100% naturally made products 
  • None of the side effects and impacts is expected in the future days
  • Protein supplements are available in multiple forms 
  • Enhance muscle recovery & prevents the breakdown 


Q. Is There Any Separate Protein Supplement For Vegetarians? 

A. Yes, we would like you to check the plant-based supplement which includes the type of vegetarian protein supplement. In that category, you have a different range of products available, you can go with your preference choice. 

Q. What could be the right time to consume protein supplement? 

A. First of all, the in-taking might be varied based on the product you go with. In general, the listed products are suitable for pre-workout, bed time, post-workout, intra-workout and early morning. 

Q. Can I lift my weight with a mass gainer? 

A. Of course, the available weight gainers are made with a rich-source of ingredients that adds muscle volume and size after a regular consumption. 

Q. Are Protein Supplements good for all age-category people? 

A. There are various kinds of protein supplements available, people can check out and find out the best based on their age category and body type. 

Q. Do I need any consultation with a physician to buy this protein supplement? 

A. Probably, no more advice is required. In case, if you want more clarity just do discuss with a fitness expert and have it without any doubt. 



Protein Supplements Products List Price Discount
Nakpro GOLD 100% Whey Protein Concentrate Supplement Powder Whey Protein - 1 kg, Strawberry ₹ 1699 43% off
Top secret nutrition Ghost Running Pre workout 180g Energy Bars - 200 g, Fruit punch ₹ 898 71% off
Oriflame Sweden Wellness Nutrishake Natural ChocolateShake Protein Cereal - 500 g, Chocolate ₹ 1474 51% off
Labrada Crealean Creatine - 250 g, Unflavored ₹ 1389 13% off
HERBALIFE Shake Mate New Milk Based Protein Blend Plant-Based Protein - 500 g, Unflavoured ₹ 478 20% off
Nakpro BEGINNER'S Concentrate | 13.2g Protein, 2.9g BCAA | Instant Soluble - 30 Servings Whey Protein - 1 kg, Coffee ₹ 999 55% off
goliath labs AK47 PREWORKOUT pre-entreno Creatine - 210 g, fruit punch ₹ 600 82% off
HERBALIFE Nutrition Skin Booster Collagen Drink Mix – Orange Flavor Plant-Based Protein - 300 g, Orange ₹ 2280 36% off
Herbalife Nutrition FORMULA 1 VANILA 500g WITH PROTIEN POWDER 200g +AFRESH TULSI 50g SET OF 3PCS Protein Shake - 700 g, VANILA+PP, AFRESH- TULSI ₹ 2359 40% off
MUSCLEBLAZE BCAA Gold 8:1:1 BCAA - 450 g, Fruit Punch ₹ 1949 30% off

Protein Supplements last updated on 25th May 2024