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Last Updated: 5th December 2023

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Vitamin Supplements Price in India 2023

Vitamin Supplements Price List in India on 5th December 2023

We, HealthTraffics have a simple and straightforward intention of benefitting customers with healthy and organic vitamin supplements. This is highly recommended for people with a cramped diet as it effectively aids their body for various metabolic functions. The direct absorption of organic compounds from our vitamin supplements benefits your health more than regular food items. This could reduce the chances of heart diseases and cancer which is medically proven.

  • Free from chemical and toxic substances
  • Perfectly fit for people with strict diets
  • Increase the vitamin content of pregnant and breastfeeding women
  • Eliminates vitamin-deficiency diseases


Q. Do the Supplements are available only in tablet form? 

A. No, the supplements are available in various forms such as powder, bar, granules, strips, capsules, liquid, shake, gummies, and more. You can go with the choice in accordance with your convenience. 

Q. Are vitamin supplements advisable to consume regularly? 

A. Yes, the products are really good for muscles and bones. So, no more complications or side effects in having it daily. In case, if you have any health disorder, ask for consultation from your doctor. 

Q. What Are The Benefits Of Vitamin C Supplement? 

A. Vitamin C is a prominent supplement as it helps your body to balance blood pressure, boost immunity, reduce the risk of heart disease, eliminate iron deficiency, and more. So, people of all ages can consume it for a healthy lifestyle. 

Q. Why is Vitamin C Supplement Essential for Women?

A. Due to a lack of Vitamin C content, many women suffer from different types of health impacts. To avoid such kinds of risky times, take vitamin supplements to strengthen your bones, and muscles naturally. 

Q. Are Vitamin C Supplements Worth Buying? 

A. Obviously yes. We can't get the required health benefits only with our food items. The direct supplements benefit our body directly and let you stay strong and lead a trouble-free life. 



Vitamin Supplements Products List Price Discount
Ayurveda Organics Plant Based Whole Food Multivitamin for Men & Women - 60 Capsules ₹ 1030 0% off
Chicnutrix Plant Based Collagen Builder With Vitamin C, E,Biotin,Bamboo & Aola Extract - 20 Tablets ₹ 486 10% off
Morpheme Remedies Moringa - 60 No ₹ 225 36% off
Shyamosa Fairmosa Skin Whitening Intimate Lightening,NAC+Vitamin C, glutathione - 10-Tab - 30 g ₹ 290 0% off
Zemaica Healthcare Slim Fat loss Fat Burner For Men - 144 No ₹ 249 83% off
Vedarth Organic WheatGrass Powder Super food for healthy Living - 200 Gram Pack - 200 g ₹ 215 64% off
Fast&Up Daily Greens with Antioxidant, Cellular Defense & Alkalizing Blends-No Added Sugar - 280 g ₹ 999 22% off
Tiens FOS Powder - 20 No ₹ 830 27% off
Nutriherbs Safed - White Musli 800 Mg 60 Capsules 100% Natural & Organic - Pack Of 2 - 2 x 60 Capsules ₹ 748 66% off
CF Multivitamin Tablets for Women with Probiotics and Minerals Supplement - 60 Tablets ₹ 332 42% off

Vitamin Supplements last updated on 5th December 2023